The Smili brand [ ΣΜΙΛΗ ] was founded in 2004 by Despina loannidou and Mladen Janus. Opened in Athens in 2006, ΣΜΙΛΗ flagship store is located in the Athenian riviera neighbourhood of Palaio Faliro.​

Despina Ioannidou ​

Despina Ioannidou’s career in photography spans over 25 years. Studying at the London Institute of Art, her passion for fashion advertising, and media broadened her horizon’s and offered a clear view of how she would proceed in life embracing her own desire for creation.

Mladen Janus

Mladen Janus is a silversmith from Serbia with over 20 years of experience in design and with 15 collections to date. His best selling collection Scorpius was comprised of 150 pieces of jewellery inspired by the universe and stars constellation.

Look great ! Feel even better.

Both influenced by their distinguished cultures this life / business partner duo have created a brand, that not only features some of Greece’s top jewellery designers but also is a workshop and laboratory for bespoke creations created specifically for a wide range of local and international clients.

Each piece of jewellery is carefully curated and hand-picked by Despina and Mladen. Which has allowed ΣΜΙΛΗ to become a showcase for young and upcoming designers as well as more established names in the greek contemporary art / jewellery scene. Each piece comes with a complete description and the corresponding certificate of authenticity, allowing each client to not only become a trendsetter, but a patron of the arts.

ΣΜΙΛΗ is proud to be working with local partners and suppliers with Global consciousness, following our beliefs in fair trade.